21 July, 2009

TATA DoCoMo - Do the New

07th July 2009,the evening was so chill after a final heavy rain that poured out continously for 2 hours,it was so pleasant to drive my bike back home.By the time,I reached home I could remember that I saw 12 hoardings of TATA DoCoMo in just 20 minutes' drive.I could remember the number exactly bcoz there are 11 bus stops and 1 University on the route I drive home daily.The hoardings just made me think about it the whole night and it was so new that it made me talk about it to my friends too. I could not get what was is it all about.

08th July 2009, it was 7.30 AM and I just had a glance at The Hindu before waking up my sister and I saw a full page ad of TATA DoCoMo again and I got to know that it was a new step taken by TATA Teleservices limited to mark a significant milestone in the Indian Telecom industry.

TATA DoCoMo is an alliance of TATA group with a Japanese Telocom major NTT DoCoMo which is launched in South Idia at first.The best strategic plan of TATA DoCoMo is that you pay for what you use, that is, it has one second pulse rate and if u just say ur mom that

"Hello Mom,I will be back home in 20 mins" u will be charged only 5-6 paise because it will take a matter of 5-6 secs to complete your conversation.

There are 4 types of tariff plan in this teleservice and I can definitely say that it is one of the best for regular and frequent mobile users.This service could make a drastic impact in other service providers and to survive in the market they will definitely reduce there plans and packages out of which the mobile users will be benefited.The word DoCoMo means 'Anywhere' in Japanese and I would definitely say that TATA has chosen the right word and this teleservice could reach anywhere in this world and I conclude by saying that SkY Is D LiMiT for TATA


  1. this is indeed a revolutionary step ahead by tata docomo...also i loved the fact that they are targetting the youth not just thorugh smart pricing but mainly thru their advertising and branding...their tv ads are made really well with great animation, their ringtone is catchy, and their website is also well made (tatadocomo.com)...these are things that also attract the youth...great move by tata docomo

  2. Yeah Rajiv I too go with ur comments ... Their Ad and the music is somewhat gud and catchy..

  3. i was attracted to thr new ads thy are vry funny..n the last DO-CO-MO tune is so nice to hear.. its composed by Ram sampath!!

  4. guys jus saw the ad of the animation contest of docomo..is it true that the winner will get 1 lakh rs??its unbeliveable..m nt goin to miss this opportunity..

  5. the animation contest is getin a huge response ..saw the videos posted by the participants n all r vry intersting..waitign for the best video..