08 September, 2009

Unexpected Announcement - Made my sister happy

Hurray!!!! Great Escape!!! Were the words I heard as I woke up today morning, it was my sister who came shouting with the daily in her hand. It was all because of the unexpected Announcement by the Union HRD minister to abolish the Class X board exam from 2011.And this is reason for my sister's happiness as she belongs to the first batch who will be benefited out of this announcement as she is currently pursuing her 9th std.

Of course this will be the happiest news for everyone who is not studying class X currently as they need to take up the board exam for the current year.But they will be graded from A1 to E2 where the former being Exceptional and the latter, Unsatisfactory.

The next question my mom asked me on hearing the news was, then how to seek admission in another school for class XI?

And here comes the answer for this question, students who are willing to change their school in class XI can take up an online/ offline/on demand assessment. The Central Board of Secondary Education will issue a certificate for the same which can be used in other schools while seeking admission.

The assessment can also be taken by interested students for which the certificate will not be issued and the assessment will be held more than once a year.So after reading this info I can tell what runs in your mind, as the same struck me too ;)

Was it a right decision to make Class X board exams optional?

Will the students become lethargic and lose their grip over studies?

But we need to wait for one more year to know the impact of the change....

01 September, 2009

Hasile Fisile ... The real Mesmerizer from Aadhavan :)

Anbe unnal manam freezing
Adada kaadhal endrum amazing
Excuse me let me tell you something
Nee sirithaal iphone tring tring
Veesum ambu enmel paaya
Kadhal vandhu ennai aala
Varuvayo enai kaapaatra
Vandhaal madisaaiven vaazha.......

And after this comes the real and usual tongue twister of Harris' composition.The song has everything in it, the panning effect, echoing, the usual male/female humming and a rap that goes with the beats in between the song, and this is no different from usual Harris' compositions. Even though all his songs sound similar, it will be nice to hear and this is definitely one of the best mesmerizers.And whatever it may be, this is yet another typical number by Harris which is undoubtedly going to be the most favorite song of the film.

I just downloaded the song yesterday morning but believe me, I heard this song more than 15 times today itself and even now its being played in my ipod while I write this post.I would definitely say that this song has enriched my thoughts, feelings, behaviour and the mood during my day as I was listening to this again and again. The song brought the best feeling in me when I just heard it with my eyes closed before going to bed yesterday night which made me hear the song repeatedly.

Definitely Harris Jayaraj had influenced me a lot with the best talent that he has got and the credit goes to the singers Karthik/Harini/Burn and Maya.And on hearing the song again and again if you imagine about the visualisation , then here comes a short clip for your imagination :D

About the movie: For the first time KS.Ravikumar and Harris has joined hands which is sure to be a blockbuster. Tamil cinema will soon get a smart villan with this film,Surya who is gonna perform in negative shades for the first time in his life.
PS: Waiting eargerly to see the full picturization of the song soon in big screen :o)