31 July, 2009

Geo-social networking - The next level of social networking !!

The next that follows the social networking is the Geosocial networking, which paves the way of getting connected to friends and follow them wherever they go. Yes, with Google Latitude, you can easily track your friends movements in the city in no time.I dint mean that this is for spying, but it can be used for that too.you can track your lost mobile also with the help of Latitude unless and until the mobile it is turned off by the person who finds it.
I can even mention about whrrl which is supported by my iPhone with built in GPS helped me out to get back my lost sister who just went somewhere on her own way driving her lady bird cycle while getting back home from her evening coaching class.

If you think that you will tracked by some one with Latitude to whom you are lying, there are some loop holes for that too , you can manually set the location of your choice.Rather I can say it a privacy setting, You can control the users or followers who can track you or watch your steps and you can even hide your location.Even photos and videos can be uploaded using Bliin, another application that needs an in-built GPS device in your mobile phone.

All that u need to have is a GPS enabled mobile phone to use this networking technology and if this field undergoes such a rapid development, the whole world can be viewed as a bird's nest which will be too small to find out anyhting.

26 July, 2009

Nikon Coolpix S51c - Just a click is all enough...

Nikon S51c,the sleek, elegant silver coloured 8.1 megapixel camera could do everything for you in just a click.With a 3 inch LCD and a dimension of 3.8 x 2.3 inches ,S51c can easily fit into ones pocket since the thickness is also 0.8 inches and there is no need of any description or a comparison of Nikon's image clarity.Since S51c has internal zooming, the front side of the camera looks simple with just its compact lens, a tiny illuminator and a flash light by its side.

With all these if you have taken some 100 snaps in a trip to Disney Land, you dont need to go home, connect your camera to the computer with a I/O cable, save the photos, upload them and share with ur friends,instead you can do all these in just a moment from the camera itself. Yes !!! Nikon has overcome the long process of sharing happiness with this coolpix S51c as there exists an onboard WiFi in it.So with this digital camera which supports wireless communication you can perform two kind of actions, one is Picture Mail with which you can select the photos and upload them to your 'my Picturetown' account from the camera itself and you share with your family and friends by sending the email notifications automatically.The next is that you can save the photos in the Picture Bank which is nothing but an image server in your 'my Picturetown' account which has a free storage memory of 2GB for each account.You then download and save them in your personal computer or just view them.

To use this feature you need a wireless LAN in your house or if you are in public WiFi space, T-Mobile WiFi spots support this feature.You can setup the network profile, configure the e-mails from the camera's rotatory multi selector itself.There are also lot more features in this Nikon's product such as automatic Red-Eye Fix, D-Lighting, and Face Priority.What happens with D-Lighting is that the camera software creates a copy of a picture with enhanced brightness and contrast where it tries to boost dark and underexposed areas.

Another commendable feature of S51C is the "Pictmotion" which lets you create a slideshow with the custom transitions and a background music.You have a got 5 in-built music tracks to add to the background score or u can have upto 10 user defined music.The latest 30 snaps will be selected for this pictmotion and you can even change them.So with just few clicks of the rotary multi select dial, the VGA- resolution movie with a music will be ready.

So with this trademark product by Nikon I can forecast that all the digital camera will have a default WiFi feature in few years down the line.

21 July, 2009

TATA DoCoMo - Do the New

07th July 2009,the evening was so chill after a final heavy rain that poured out continously for 2 hours,it was so pleasant to drive my bike back home.By the time,I reached home I could remember that I saw 12 hoardings of TATA DoCoMo in just 20 minutes' drive.I could remember the number exactly bcoz there are 11 bus stops and 1 University on the route I drive home daily.The hoardings just made me think about it the whole night and it was so new that it made me talk about it to my friends too. I could not get what was is it all about.

08th July 2009, it was 7.30 AM and I just had a glance at The Hindu before waking up my sister and I saw a full page ad of TATA DoCoMo again and I got to know that it was a new step taken by TATA Teleservices limited to mark a significant milestone in the Indian Telecom industry.

TATA DoCoMo is an alliance of TATA group with a Japanese Telocom major NTT DoCoMo which is launched in South Idia at first.The best strategic plan of TATA DoCoMo is that you pay for what you use, that is, it has one second pulse rate and if u just say ur mom that

"Hello Mom,I will be back home in 20 mins" u will be charged only 5-6 paise because it will take a matter of 5-6 secs to complete your conversation.

There are 4 types of tariff plan in this teleservice and I can definitely say that it is one of the best for regular and frequent mobile users.This service could make a drastic impact in other service providers and to survive in the market they will definitely reduce there plans and packages out of which the mobile users will be benefited.The word DoCoMo means 'Anywhere' in Japanese and I would definitely say that TATA has chosen the right word and this teleservice could reach anywhere in this world and I conclude by saying that SkY Is D LiMiT for TATA

20 July, 2009

06 th July 2009 - The Day of Uncertainty -- Part I

I was totally exhausted when I started to write about the worst experience that I came across on the 06 th day of the 07 th month in 2009 English calendar.Even though I was very tired I wanted certain things to be brought out of my mind and draft it in a notepad so that I can at least have a good sleep.

06 th July 2009,the day which started off with a high energy level and positive mood,gradually decreased to zero and even reached its negative peak at one point of time.It was the day which made my mood to touch both the extremes in the last 18 months of my IT carrier.It was all about my work that taxed me heavily in one day and made me realise that it was all because of this stress ,people run away to persue their Master's degree who started off their carrier as IT professionals.

The clock behind the security's head struck 9.50 Am when I signed in the register that holds the details of associates carrying bags inside the office premises.I could see the usual faces who would come early in the morning as I walk to my cubile.As the servers running in my machine were restarted,I went through 'Ergo' ,free daily that's being issued around some companies in chennai.Even though I dont believe in horoscope, astrology and stuff,I just had a look at the daily horoscope that was published in Ergo and for my sun sign Aries, Ganesha said that the first half of the day will be gud and the next half will be dull which may vary the mood.I dint care much about that and started to just do my routine work.

I started the day's work with the testing task that I had to complete before end of the day.It was slow till 11.30 and I went to have a coffee with my friend.I got a SIT bug in between my testing task around 1 AM and on analysing that I came to know that it was because of some other system. By the time I completed the analysis,we got a call and it was my onsite co-ordinator and the call was handed over to me since I had analysed the problem. While explaining the problem to him, he stopped me in between and the conversation went this way

He: Why did u look at this issue? I already know that this is not the problem from our side.

Me: This is the one which you told us to look into and so I analysed it.

He: Oh I think I had sent u the wrong defect number, you don't look into this issue but rather look into this defect.

Me: OK.

I got a new defect to look into and it was criticality 1 issue which needs to be delivered as soon as possible.By the time I started to just read the defect, it was 1.30 and my friend called me for lunch.I had lunch and came back at 2.30 and I continued to look into the issue and was also doing the testing task side by side. When it was nearing completion around 4.00 and I heard a mild ring tone,the tone was familiar to me and I could hear it for quite sometime and when I removed the left side headset of my Apple ipod,I could hear the tone loudly and it was my project's extn and the telephone was waiting for someone to lift the reciever so that it could stop making the same old noise,then I immediately got off my seat and took the reciever before it could wantedly stop ringing.

I heard a voice that enquired my name in a strained voice and it was my onsite co-ordinator again who wanted to talk to me .The moment I told that it was me only ,he instantly enquired about the last month task that was developed and delivered by me and he asked me to explain certain things in it. I dint expect that to happen at that time and I was searching for words to explain. I was very confused and I was thinking and recollecting the task that I did.He was shooting questions at me and I was thinking of what to answer because it was the current testing task that was running in my mind.

I would say that every IT developer would think for sometime even if u show the code that was developed by him/her and ask him/her to explain it and you would have nod your head on reading this statement if you were a developer working in an IT industry.He then asked me to open a mail that he had sent one month back.
As the fixed line phone was not at my desk I could not open the mail,but I knew that my superior's sytem, which was very near to my access has a copy in its Lotus inbox but it is locked and she had gone for a break at that time.I tried to unlock it by giving the common passwords but it was all in vain and after three wrong attempts the account has been locked. He was waiting till that time and he asked a stright forward question

He: Do you have a copy or not ? Did u first recieve it? ,

Me: I do have it but it's in my desk and I couldn't access the nearby systems.

He: Ok then, Please give me your mobile number....

Here ends Part I of my unceratin day's experience.... just continue with Part II so that you can pre-determine the happenings in IT and you can even be prepared to tackle such a situation if you happen to come across it...

19 July, 2009

06 th July 2009 - The Day of Uncertainty -- Part II

If u had not read Part I, plz do read it because you could not understand the situation that I had faced on that black day...

By the time I got the call to my mobile I had opened the mail .Without even saying a Hello,he asked me
He : What was written in the mail and what was that you had developed?
Me: ????????????

I couldn't answer this question because I was unknown of the mistake that I have done and he asked me look at a word which was written in some corner of the mail and on seeing that only I could confirm that I had not made a mistake but a blunder and to regret on the same I need to do lot of changes and it will be like re-doing the whole task. He was telling me that I ignored the mail totally and developed the task on my own assumption because of which it is hitting in all the other integrated systems. I told him that I dint assume anything and I even had a client discussion on the task to be developed.He then asked me "why it is not developed in that way then?".
I actually dint give importance to that word in the mail and to be frank I don't know the meaning of that word mentioned and I couldn't defend me at that time and I felt sorry for the mistake that I had commited.He then told me do the changes immediately and send it across over the mail in a notepad.

By the time I hung the phone, everybody came back form break and on seeing my face, they came to know that something had happened and asked me what had happened.On explaining them the whole hungama that happened to me, they couldn't talk anything other than giving solution to the problem.I was in total confused state and it was my friend who sat with me and analysed the problem and he told me what to do and how to do.Even after the clear instructions given by him , I was unable to develop at that time because of the stress I have undergone and I couldn't come out of it.He then wrote the piece of code and told me to test and while testing it we again got a call and by then it was 7:00 PM when myself and my friend was only there in the whole floor.It was the him who raised my stress level over the phone and this time he wanted to ask about the defect which he gave during lunch time and he wanted a hotfix immediately for it. I could hardly complete that defect and he just asked me "How much time you are taking for this issue. will this take just 10 mins to complete?"
I just answered him that , I will complete and will send it in 10 mins.I was disturbed a lot on hearing those words, and if it takes just 10 mins to complete why don't he do that, was the question that was running in my mind but I consoled myself by saying that I am being paid for it.I had drafted the mail and attached the fix in a notepad and while I was about to send I got a call again and this time he told that
" you dont need to do any change for the previous month's task because I convinced the client people make changes in the other system ,so you just send me the defect thats enough ."
I was dumbstruck on hearing this and doesn't know how to react to it. I was just thinking of the last two hour's pressure that I faced and the work done by me will go waste and I told him that I had already made the changes and sent the mail to you and I told my friend to click on send button in my mailbox.

But I got a reply stating, Ok no problem I will ignore that mail but u send me that defect in a separate mail. I was just doing that as per his words and left office at 8.00 PM. I couldn't drive my bike back home,I was so disturbed and the last 4 hours was like a misadventure for me. The task was developed by me only but there were also other people who were involved in the discussion and the design and review was also done by my superiors. But there is no point in blaming others for the mistake that I had done and I learnt a lesson that each and every word that is mentioned in the SRS or the communication mails are important.

I could compare this with that of a tight cricket match where all the pressure will be on the bowler who is bowling the last over and he will be the highlight of the whole match. The mistakes that were done till that point in the match like bad fielding or improper bowling by other bowlers will be ignored ,finally I could say that it all depends on the day and 06.07.09 was not a good day for me but it made me learn more about work and people .

05 July, 2009

PageRanking ... The word that has everything in it.

PageRank, the word which sounds very odd and new for an amatuer like me is the most powerful word in the world of blogging.As I started to post my feelings at first, I just wanted to pen down the expressions and thoughts that comes to my mind .I thought that it could just improve my communication and the way of writing, expressing thoughts and to bring out the hidden writer in me through this blog, but later got to know that there can be some revenue flow because of my web page and this could do even more for me.One day I could even gain riches because of my own web page.

To focus more on the post topic,I can say that, this is the first and foremost thing which a blogger should know. As I started my research on this, I came to know a lot about the PageRank and the importance of the same. PageRank also referred as PR is nothing but a numeric value that simply denotes the importance of a page in the web.The above statement seems to look simple but its very difficult to get that numeric value.This numeric value is given by Google for a page and it has its own way of calculating the same.For a blog or for a website to be listed in the most renowned Google search engine, this simple word matters a lot.

To get to know more about the topic and how it is calculated,just click on this PageRank link which could explain you more in detail. You can even use the below free tool to check the PageRank of ur web page.

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