30 August, 2009

And today she got married...

I feel pity for the guy who is going to suffer for the rest of his life after losing his bachelorhood today. If he has not enjoyed his LIFE while being single, then he could definitely not know the meaning of happiness in his Life. What else I can say or feel for the guy who has taken a decision that makes him regret till his end.

Even if I pass such sarcastic comments I have a small feeling for myself that I have missed a beautiful girl in my Life.She was one of the good looking girls in my college and was top on the list.I would say that God was in his best mood when he created her :D,you should have known by this time that I had crush on her on seeing the way I described her.Yes, offcourse she was my first crush during college days and I started to look at her from my first semester itself but I didn’t tell this to my friends also. We belong to same department, Electronics and communication Engineering and We were also from the same location and had to travel in the same college bus daily.

She boards the bus at the last stop while going to college and hence disembarks first while returning home and I usually adore her during this one hour journey to/fro our college.It all came to light one day during the second year,it was a dry day as usual in the college and I was eagerly waiting for the hour hand of my watch to struck 4:00 PM so that I get a chance to see her in the bus while going back home and rejuvenate myself for 1 hour while the other guys will be busy sleeping.She was looking too good in her white salwar and I really thank the designer for making such a design which portrayed her like an angel.Daily when she gets ready to disembark the bus, I feel like the time is running so fast and shouldn't I have the power to pause the time, so that I can adore her for hours together.

And today before her stop came I stood up quickly and went to the rear entrance of the bus to see her. At the back of my mind, I was calculating the number of hours I had to wait to see her again the next day morning in the bus :P .I lost myself while admiring her because of which I failed to notice the guys who were awake. The move made by me from the fourth seat of the bus to the rear entrance was noted by every other guy in the bus.As I was seeing her getting down the bus through the front entrance, suddenly I heard a loud chorus sound from the guys out there and immediately I came back and sat.But she got a small smile on her face on seeing which I became very happy.

From the next day,the guys use to yell my name when she leaves the bus and this continued almost daily,but I couldn't see any kind of reaction on her face.I was doing lot of li'l things to impress her during the travel but some guys will pass comments and spoil the scene.I also had lot of competition in the game (after all LIFE is a Game), yeah some guys also had guts to propose her and they got disqualified (rejected by her ;P )

I came to know about her arrogance through some of the common friends but I thought I could change her if I start talking to her.But at one side I couldn't even stop the guys who were constantly making fun of us as I use to tease them a lot when they talk to other girls.In the meantime I also had some motivation towards my studies and I was keen in pursuing my MBA . so I along with my friends joined coaching class for cracking CAT.The first induction class was about to start and we heard a breathless voice,

'Excuse me sir !! May I come in? '

the whole class turned towards the entrance which was at the back of the class, and to my surprise, it was she who was gasping for breath as she came running all over the corridor to reach the class on time. As she walked towards the first bench, all the guys out there stared at her and I was not an odd man out. But lot of things were running on my mind, I was questioning myself,the God and my friend who was sitting near me.

Has she joined in this class because I joined here?

-- No, came as an immediate reply from my friend.

if no, why should she come in the same batch for which I had come?

-- Maybe to see me ;P was his reply for which I laughed instantly.

Oh,God wat can I call this ? an accident ? a coincidence ?

-- If it is an accident, it is sure to take off my heart.I answered myself.

As days passed by I got chance to see her more number of times and the same has turned negative because when ever I see her, my friends use to tease(that too loudly) and she almost got irritated at one point of time.This created an aversion towards me and she started to tell everyone that I was behind her.

I usualy don't talk with girls in the college because of the ego that questions me, why should I go and talk? Why can't they come and talk?
This had also created a bad impression on me for which I dint even care and two years more had passed in the same way and it was time for us to attend 10 days employability camp at my college and we had to stay at the college hostel.She was also in the eligible students list and even though I felt happy, I was thinking how to avoid her so that I can atleast make her happy.Whilst I was thinking this way she just thought that I was a rougue and she had commented about me to her friends.

But, by one way or the other I should be thankfull to her because if she hadn't commented about me in that way I could not have cleared the interview to get into the Indian IT giant.Even at that time fate did not let me go alone,she also got placed in the same company and we had training at Trivandrum for 3 months during which I tried my best to avoid her.I started to mingle with everyone in order to forget her and atlast We were posted permanently in different locations and things started changing.

I really feel sad that I haven't spoke to her even once in my life time, If I had spoken to her atleast once,things could have been different.But there is no point to regret for the act today because by this time she would have lost her spinsterhood. She would have changed from Ms. to Mrs. and somebody who was not there in the race won the game and took home the beautiful trophy :(

After a long time, nearly 1.5 years it was today, her marriage day which made me to think of her again and I hope this should be the last time in my Life she comes to my mind.

And today, one of the player who got disqualified in the middle of the game is gonna take home some other trophy, yeah he is gonna get married with someother girl whom he has loved after college days.

I am sure that I am also going to take home a trophy one day in my LIFE which could be better in all aspects and LIFE moves on...

Moral of my memory : Beauty is not everything,just a depreciating asset and it is Character that contributes to beauty.


Life is crazy because

--> What you want,you don't get
--> What you get,you don't enjoy
--> What you enjoy is not permanent and
--> What you get as permanent is boring .

And "Everything in LIFE happens for a reason,but the hardest part is to find out the reason."

28 August, 2009

Candle making - Reason to Rejoice b/w the siblings

Aishwarya (a) Aishu my cute lil sister,my only sibling whom I consider as my mother's best gift to me in my life time.Being 10 yrs younger than me,pursuing higher secondary education,she very well know how to pester me and get things done from me and I too dont mind doing anything for her.she is like my kid and I use to take all privilege on her but even then we use to fight a lot and it will end up nowhere, sometimes we use to talk the very next moment.I use to have so much fun by teasing her always and she has got used to it.I can say that my sister is sharp in reading my movements or the things that I am doing. I can very well escape from my mom after doing some mistake but not from my sisters eyes.She will be the first to tell the names of the person(that too loudly in front of my mom :P ) to whom I was talking over the phone on just seeing the way I am talking and she knows all my friends name too.One who have siblings,mainly sisters can know better about their sharpness(especially in the above quoted example) and about sibling rivalry too that happens so often.I could say that, this could even more help in understanding your sibling better.

But this time it was more than two weeks I spoke to my sister, its all because of small quarrel which started off for a silly reason,a TV program but ended up like a wrestling match, my mom being the referee between us ;o) lol....
After that if she see's me, I struggle to control my laughter as she used to show some kind of girly facial expressions that usually the girls of that age show and I wanted to talk to her but something stopped me to do so.The same continued for more than two weeks and it came to an end today when I helped her to complete her candle making task given by her Art and crafts teacher.

Actually, it was me who voluntarily involved myself in this candle making because I wanted to talk to her by some way and this paved me a way for that. I also like to do these kind of artistic works and after seeing me she had a charming smile in her face and started explaining me on how to do it.

I know that you all like the way the candle is painted, yes its all because of the paint, the candles are looking good and believe my words, it was me who coloured three candles out of the five. I actually did this to soothen my sister and I also like colouring from my childhood and have done lot of such things in my school days. This task is very easy and interesting which requires these simple steps to be followed as taught by my sister,

1. Take a hand full of paraffin wax crystals.

2. Place it in a hard bowl and heat it until it melts completely.

3. By the time it melts, brush the mould with oil. (Moulds can be even small containers that are even in its shape)

4. place a wick into the candle mould and pour the melted wax into the mould completely.

5. Allow it to cool and gently tap at the end of the mould to get the candles.

Tips : Coloured candles can be made by adding color crayons while melting the wax or even adding colouring agents.

It took around 3 hours for us to complete the whole task and we had a nice experience in candle making which brought back rejoice in me and my sister. My mom also got so much involved and interested on the same and she had planned to get more moulds so that we can use these for decorating purposes too.

17 August, 2009

Good choice of Blog Templates

I strongly believe in the quote "There is always someone who can benefit from knowledge/things you are willing to share"and if some tips is just given wihtout a way to use it, then it wil be of less use.So with respect to my previous post on Blog templates, I share some of the good sites which I came across while I explored the web to get a good one for my weblog.
Here are some links that provides free blogspot templates.Just find the one that suits your blog and override the existing blogspot template.

Best Blogger Templates -- Recommended

Blogger Templates





PS: “As a general rule, the most successful man in life is the man who has the best information.”
you can even share ur templates if any..

12 August, 2009

Blog Template -- An important ingredient !!!

The first and foremost thing that attracts the blog visitors is its look and feel which is nothing but the blog template . If the blog is simple and neat it could easily attract more readers . I dont mean that the content is not important, rather if the template is neat and clean, it can easily attract more people even if the content is less. It is just like getting more marks with a very neat presentation and less content in a board exam which conducted in TamilNadu. The above statement may sound silly but there lies the truth.The famous quote Appearances Are Deceptive will go wrong when it comes to blogs and websites because appearances play a major role here.Simple things to be avoided while building a template,

1.Dark backgrounds with white/light color fonts.(This will strain the eyes and so the readers may not proceed even if the content deserves it)
2.Flashy ads in between posts.(even if it adds some penny to ur pocket, this will be disturbing)
3.Too much of HTML or Javascript (this will definitely take time to load the page)
4.Unwanted widgets(Definitely there should be some widgets like About me,Categories,Archieve etc. but not too much)

So just keep in mind that the blog template is the important ingredient for a blog and if it is not in the correct level it may even spoil the whole blog.

This Day that Year -- 10th Aug 2008 :o)

Hey Guys this post is especially for you all(Mambalam Machos !!!) to remember the days that we spent at kodaikanal last year.Guys but before I start off I would like to tell u that tis is not an ordinary post and Kindly do not find faults in this post ;) and if u visualize when u read this post, I am sure that it can bring out a smile in ur face and our everlasting memories that can make u happy atleast for sometime in your day to day's tiresome job.

I suppose It was 3:00 PM (Madhu need ur help to remember the time... just query ur database and tell me)when we started from our usual hub(Gundo House)here at chennai.The evening started with the distribution of the world's No.1 perfume which was brought all the way from singapore to India by our Bharath.It was around 10:00 PM we all heard a shocking news, the news that shook everyone in our gang especially our gang Big B,the gangs well wisher ,Mr.periyamani(LK) ;o) lol ..except those two guys who were involved in the that.You all remember that flash news which I am trying to bring out ???Definitely this will be the first thing that will strike everyone's mind when we talk about this trip.

Yes it is all about our Bharath's luv story which was brought out to us by Mr.China Gundo(the gr8 stock holder.... ;o) I couldn't get a better name in english guys.. names are welcome in comments..)The moment Ananthu told the news, we all were shocked and were together seeing Bharath and even after sometime LK could not believe what was happening and he was dumbstruck for more than 5 mins...

It was 10:01 PM (Just now I verified the time by checking the details in the recorded version of Bharath's Luv story in ma mobile)he started to explain about a phone call that came from India just by-passing the trunk dialler.We all had a gr8 fun for more than 20 mins. It was only us who spoke a lot more than Bharath in the recording which I heard now.

oh wat a coincidence !!!!! now the time is 10:40 in my watch and by the same time only we heard another news that made us feel a lot. It is nothing but Anand's story whose luv has been unfornately accepted by both the parents and he was narrating how his 2008 LUV story was accepted by his parents (which is also recorded very clearly in my mobile)On hearing this, our well wisher was totally off and he was feeling that he had lost contact from everyone because of which his mantras were out of control and it was all in vain ;o).After hearing two consecutive sad news' everyone went for a sleep and Kishore do u remember the way we spoke with each others' _ _ _ _ _ _ _ "FRIENDS" over the phone at that time.Everyone thought that u were listening to songs but since I was sitting beside u I was aware of the fact u were blushing with ur "So called Friend"(supposed to be ur lady love by now) but even then I couldn't get the conversation that was going on with ur "so called Friend" since I was busy in my work ;o) lol ...(Athu yenaku oru azagiye kanaa kaalam)

I should definitely mention about our gangs silent escaper Sriraman here as he will be posting all the updates to his lady luv but will not be caught by us(romba thirama saali da nee). some guys were out of mood for some time as everybody was engaged in thier own work....Madhu I din't mean u here ;)

Then after a long wait in a petorl bunk somewhere near kodai we managed to fill our tempo's petrol tank and we then reached kodai.Guys u remember the what happened in the place where we waited so long for petrol. Bharath was eating everything that comes to his hand and he was telling the time gap between Singapore and India as a reason for that(apadiye 10 yrs singapore irunthutu vantha maari oru scene potan)

Day 1: After we reached kodai we had a nice sleep and in the evening we just went out somewhere and I couldn't remember the places that we visited during day 1.

Day 2: Chinna Gundo was not feeling well and he was alone in the guest house and he would have missed Vijay a lot (VIJIIIIIIII spoon kondu vaaaaa) The day's lunch was so special that we could definitely not forget our rasam lover Kausik who just drank every drop of Astoria rasam. The way in which he drank it was noted by everyone in the hotel and this was confirmed by the sarcastic comment passed by the server of the hotel(naangaley enga hotel rasathey sapida matom,pasicha pakathu hotel la poi sapiduvom, ivan yena da ipadi kudikaran ithey ;o) lol... )we also had some kind of adventure in some unknown places of kodai..

Day 3: We visited some more usual places where we tuk some unusual snaps, the ultimate one is attached below whereLK eats a small finger sized carrot....

This day was marked by the purchase that was did by Mr.Sriraman to his lady love. Definitely he would have been regretful for the choice of purchase he has made because of the comments we gave.we also watched the all time super hit film Vettaiyadu vilayadu in the tempo itself.After we reached our room,I was cornered by everyone and at the same time I got a call from my FRIEND. Hey Anand do u remember the comment u passed while I was talking over the phone and bcoz of the it I immediately heard a BEEP sound from the other end and the call ended abruptly :(
But I should be thankful to u man, because I could develop intimacy(FRIENDSHIP strong aachu) becoz of the small fight which we had at that time and I could reveal a truth atleast now that I was talkin over the phone at nyte 1:00 Pm when u all slept and I was at cloud nine(for getting such a gudFRIENDSHIP;o) lol)

Day 4: we went for the park and we did cycling for a log time and I cannot forget the feeling I had while cycling, I was just cycling with the help of one hand as I was very busy holding my mobile in the other hand.you all very well know to whom I was talking to.. and after a long gud conversation I had a fight for a silly reason on that evening too :( We went to a Dhaba for dinner where Kishore just to impress the lady server,show cased his talent by asking a masala papad with pickles which made the whole place fun filled.(dai machi ava yenna paathu siricha da .... dai ooorey sirichudu da machi !!!!)

Day 5: we purchased some chocolates and myself and kishore bought dresses for our sisters.I purchased a black tops for my SISTER (Nan vera yaarukum vangina maari yenaku nyabagamey ilaye) and we went for skating which was undoubtedly an unforgettable experience after which we started back to chennai.

SEPARATION is a wound that No one can Heal... But, REMEMBERANCE is a GIFT that No one can steal. Keep MeMories in touch :)

Guys I hope I had gifted u with our memories and was not boring you all with this post .I think u all were taken aback for atleast sometime and hope to see you all again this year also so that we can have some fun filled moments that will last as good memories in our life.

Anyways u all key in ur thoughts and feelings as comments here after reading this post..

PS:How it happened??
Actually myself,Madhu and Ananthu was talking about this in our hub(Ananthu's house only, wat else is a hub for us guys) and suddenly the idea of posting the same striked me and this is how it happened.

11 August, 2009

An Eco-friendly Initiative by Samsung...

Sprint Nextel is on their way to sell the latest samsung - Reclaim moblie with the most sophisticated technology in it.This device can very well be called as an ecological friend since it is manufactured by 80% recycled materials.The outer case is made of 40% bio-plastics and the packaging materials are made from 70% recycled materials.when it is said that the device is made of recycled materials, the next thing that strikes is its look and Reclaim has its own style when it comes to look.

To add more surpise, it is a slider mobile with full Qwerty key-board and has 2 MP camera with video capture. It also has GPS, Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP,and supports upto 32GB microSD memory cards.The sophisticated technology that is incorporated in this Reclaim is the AM-OLED (Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode) display technologywhich provides extended battery life, as there is no need of screen backlight and hence results in high color quality and power conservation.The mobile consumes 12 times less power to get charged fully than an ordinary mobile.The biggest highlight is that the charger that is provided with Reclaim beeps when the phone is recharged fully so that the user can unplug it to avoid wasting power.

This eco-friendly drive will begin from August 16 2009 for just $49.99 with a two-year service agreement and I think this is a small amount to create an eco-friendly revolution and now its upto us to join the drive.

PS: Sprint and samsung is also planning to donate 2$ from every Reclaim that is sold to Nature Conservancy’s Adopt an Acre program.

02 August, 2009

UID Numbers -- A key to mark India's development

'Is this Possible in India ???', this was first question that struck my mind on reading the news which stated Unique Identification Numbers are going to be issued in India,but we have to wait for another 12-18 months for the question to be answered.The Unique Identification Authority of India will be headed by Mr.Nandan Nilekani, a former Infoscian who has a very high profile in the field of Information Technology.The Infosys co-founder gave a brief about the project in the first press meet after he took charge as the chairman of UIAI.

An Unique Identification number is nothing but an alphanumeric value which will serve as Unique Identifier and will be issued for the all residents of India.Now for the first set to be issued, the Chairman and his board has planned to issue the UID number for all the eligible voters who are above 18 yrs of age.This number will be mapped against the basic details of every Indian like Name,Address,DOB and some more personal details and it is sure to serve the purpose of every Indian starting from opening a bank account to getting an electricity connection.This unique number will be used by all the other Government departments and certain private sectors also for verification purposes and this number can replace all the proofs that are being submitted now for even getting a driving licence or a passport.

The best part to be noted in this upcoming project is that the software gaint Microsoft is very keen to be a part of this UID project and its chairman Bill Gates on a recent visit to India said that he is looking forward for a discussion with Mr.Nilekani on the same.

To think from a developer's perspective,it is not an easy task to generate this number for a country that has more that 1 Billion people out of which atleast 700 million people are eligible voters.We as an Indian,can be proud that the Indian Government has taken forward a good step which will not only be a great mark in India's development but also adds more benefits to the people.