28 October, 2009

He And She - Is it because of destiny or themselves ?

This short story explains about He and She, a complex relationship that started off well but had a break-up all of a sudden because of their own acts. Even if this story seems to be big for a blog post, it could reflect some of your memories at least once before you finish reading.

He: A guy who was very adamant, arrogant and short tempered during his teenage.
A guy who only talks with his fellow guys during college days may be because of his ego or a feeling that why should He go and talk to girls. But now has changed totally opposite and has turned into a responsible person who makes every move with utmost care to handle all the relationships around him.

SHE: A girl who mingles easily with anyone on earth and does anything for people whom She likes most. A girl who can easily attract anyone with her smile, an ambivert, a bit more possessive and egoistic than every other women.
Now She just wanted to enjoy her Life and will do anything for that as Her past was filled with sorrow because of a worst relationship.

For the past three months, they dint have a word with each other and they would blame each other for their act and deny the fact that it’s their inner ego that stopped them from talking. They work in the same company/building but they didn’t meet each other for long time. It was 10 days back, a Friday evening when he saw her on the corridor talking with someone over the phone. He was not willing to see Her as He doesn't want to spoil Her mood rather than saying that He thought He would be insulted. He just took his ipod from his pocket and was looking at it simply whilst crossing her. As He saw from the corner of his eyes, He could hardly get a glimpse of Her. And with in that 12 steps He walked to cross her, He could remember each and every moment that He shared with Her. All the incidents that happened during their 1.5 yrs of relationship flashed his mind,

It was Her who use to call him over the phone frequently during the initial stages as She likes His way of speech and sense of humor. Initially they use to talk twice or thrice a week for a short span of time and this slowly became a regular habit. Then they started to call each other daily which later turned up spending hours together over the phone. It was so new and exciting for Him because He had asked his friends many times that "what you guys will talk with a girl for hours together, will it not be so boring for you?”
And when He started doing the same he blamed his watch for ticking so quickly because He found hours together just passing away as minutes.

One day, it was 1:30 AM, He realized that already they had conversed for more than 3 hours but He couldn’t stop it as He was deeply involved in the same. She narrated her whole college days (4 years) in those three hours. Each and every moment seemed like she had been desperately waiting so long in her Life to narrate the incident that happened to her. It was the best conversation that they had and He would never forget in His Life.

As days passed by, they got to know each other's likes and dislikes well and their friendship grew faster. As they became closer, the expectations became more and that was the root cause of their difference of opinion. They had lots of small rivals and when ever they had some fight they would call each other within a short span of time at least to justify their act or to pacify each other.She used to say "the more we fight, the more we become intimate towards each other”. He always reminds himself with those words whenever they fought for some reasons and try to convince her. After one point of time, they had some kind of feeling towards each other but, He always use to tell His friends that She is just a good friend. It is because, He wanted to keep his feelings under control and doesn't want to cross His limits.

Aug 17th 2008, the day when he felt both the extremes of emotions because of his own mistake which He cannot forget in his Life time. She was too happy when He gave the dress He bought for Her, at the same time His mom was too angry and shocked on hearing the conversation they had. It was his headset which helped his mom to hear the conversation, as he had unknowingly pressed the speed dial (speed dialing set for His dad's mobile number) key in his unlocked mobile kept in his trousers. When He reached home His mom told each and every dialogue that He told her when giving the dress He couldn't even react in such a situation and was unable to defend himself. He felt very guilty for making his parents unhappy and He was the only reason for losing his parents' trust on him.

He was too confused and was ambivalent to continue the relationship.So He thought to get rid of Her but knew that it was not as much easy as He thought because "The greater you show your love and affection towards someone, the greater you feel the pain when you lose them". And deep in his mind He felt that he should not let out the relationship and end it abruptly without any kind of communication because it was She who became very close to Him with in a short span of time. So He just wanted to be a good friend who can accompany her up to certain extent in Life.

October 28th 2008, She was expecting a call only from him at 00:00 hours as it was Her birthday but He turned up only at 10:30 Am to wish her. It was like a name sake wish and this gave her loads of disappointment on the happiest day. He very well knew that she would be expecting his call, but His idea of getting no more closer with her made him do that for which He felt very bad of himself. But even after that, she got convinced and they were talking as usual.

January 14th 2009, 11:29 PM: He started his bike to come back home after dropping Her at the hostel. While driving back home He was recollecting the words that she spoke during the 15 minutes travel from their office to Her hostel. She just asked Him one question which was definitely from her heart. But she was very careful in putting the words and expressing it because she doesn't wants Him to mistake Her. All that He came to know was She liked him very much and it was more than friendship for her.
Being questioned in a such a way by a girl, no guy will wait to propose and it was a nice chance for Him to express his feelings. But He didn't do that, instead passed some comments and made fun of it at that time. Because the moment he heard that, his mom's face flashed his mind, as He very well knew that His mom's priority for his wish would be third and the first two places would be bagged by Caste and Society. And He was just being practical at that moment because She could get a better relationship than Him but He is the only hope for His family.

If He has not been a part of the family where He has to bear all the responsibilities and take care of His sick dad and adolescent sister, He would have gone against his parents.It is not that He did not like her but He doesn't want to shatter three lives for his own happiness.

After that incident, they couldn't get closer to each other. But He was behaving as before, cracking jokes and teasing Her. His same kinda behavior which made her happy during the initial stages now made her think as insults and made her angry that had developed some kind of aversion towards Him. Slowly She stopped talking to him as She use to tell that she would drop something which is troubling and bothering Her much, but He tried to maintain the old friendship and it was all in vain because He didn’t get good response from the other end. So He decided not to disturb Her but it wasn't that easy for Him to forget Her soon. He would be reminded of Her Whenever He hears her favorite song or whenever He thought that He should forget Her or whenever He crosses her bay in their office and this happened at least once daily.

Today, October 28th 2009, He just wanted to wish her at 00:00 hours but even now something is stopping him from wishing because he really doesn't want to spoil her mood for the second consecutive time.He doesn't know whether she would attend his phone call or become happy if he wishes him first.

So as a token of gift he would like to dedicate this post for her and wish her HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! at least here in his own diary of memories.

And It was destiny that made them meet during there training program but,it was their own actions, emotions and feelings that made them feel "So Close ... Yet So Far"

PS: Never break 4 things in our life - Trust, Relation, Promise & Heart because when they break, they don make noise but pains a lot.


  1. I just want to comment with a metaphor here "Gibbs dropped the catch and dropped the cup, u dropped "this" cup due to the same err...u had the ball but u threw it out in over excitement thinking as if u were passing and playing the ball to a "3rd player" in joy.....i guess u get my point ;) ;)

  2. Oru second yosichu paakaren da .En kooda school la pakathula ukanthu padicha kalyana ippadi la ezhutharthu nu..But well delivered.

    Comments: I would say u have taken a perfect decision which many will struggle to take it and suffer at the end..

    P.S. Intha kausik ah nalla doctor ah paathu kaatunga da..En da ipadi ayitan avan.Gibbs nran ballnu sorlan paaathukonga da avana:)

  3. "Comments: I would say u have taken a perfect decision which many will struggle to take it and suffer at the end.."

    Tho paaru da....yaar itha solra nu...adey nee enna panna pora nu naanga paaka thane porom.....anniku irukku di unakku kacheri....

  4. Dude...u have have really potrayed all the incidents well!!!good work da..

    "before taking a decision think 1000 times...if u have taken a decision then dont ever regret on it" thalaivar dialogue in english :)

  5. Thank u very much for ur comments guys :) To be specific

    1. @Kausi : Dai un metaphor ilam nalla thaan iruku but " I DINT PASS THE BALL IN OVER EXCITEMENT DA rather I would say I JUST SHOWED THE BALL TO A 3RD PLAYER WHO WAS JUST SEEING OTHERS PLAYING THE MATCH FOR HIS WHOLE LIFE TIME " so I thought I could at least make him play few shots ;)
    ithu EPUDIII

    2.@Kishore: Aman da machi nee sonathuku aparam thaan naaney yosichu paakarean.. enakulayum oru ezuthaalan olinju irunthu irukaan paarean ;) lol

    3.@Bharath: thnx for ur compliments buddy :)
    thala dialogue ilam nalla thaan iruku aana nadaimuraiku seriya varathey :(

  6. @kausi

    do u mean to say that he has lost his cup?? i dont think so :)

  7. Hi vinu, Thanks for dropping by my blog!
    Loved your narration! Further,we must learn to chew and digest the worst phases of our life!


  8. Dai Kausik unaku konjamavathu arivu irukum nu ninachen.Enaku suthama illa nu kamikara paathiya..Avan track eh vera.. Ennodathu vera..Naan ok nu eduthukitalum illa just friend nu eduthukitalum its not goin to affect my family at the end..But avanodathu differnt..
    Gibbs catch ball nu solla therinja unaku yosichu comment panna theriyalaye da..
    Ippavum solren nalla doctor ah poi paaru:)

  9. Really a good one da. Carry on the good work.

  10. machi pull aarikudhu da .. ur narratoin is jus amazing ... three cheers to ur narration... machi sirpi kul muthu ah, kallukul eerum ah ...


  11. hey thnx for ur comments guys..

    @Balaji : thnx da Bondo !!!!! athu yenna nu yenaku soley therila da aana nee soney rendu la edo onnu da :P

  12. Hi Dude Your Work is Owesome, even i am planning to follow your foot steps share with me How did you Got this Idea to write a Blog

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