28 June, 2009

Will Red Chery keep a fullstop to BlackBerry???

On just seeing the names one can't judge wat it is all about,but the fact,is the biggest smart phone and the wireless e-mail device that was released in 2002 is gonna face a challenge.By now u would have got what the post is all about, if u guess that Redchery is a smart phone then u are wrong !! , its just a mobile application that is gonna create a revolution in 2009.

Redchery, the application which is developed by AJ Square Consultancy,a Madurai based software firm in south India fetches e-mails in your handset. It also allows data streaming technology in your mobile phones.The small IT firm which is gonna create a big revolution in the Telecom Industry is now working on the pricing strategy of the application which seems to be almost one tenth of the cost of the BlackBerry hand set.So if you have a handset with a Mobile Information Device Profile, then you can just catch up the chery and boast urself to the users of BlackBerry. Once you are registered with the application, you can recieve e-mails
from any service like Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail and even corporate mail accounts that has MS exchange and IBM Lotus servers.The application even allows the user to synchronize the mobile phone.The next thing which pops in your mind on seeing this will be the security issues.If you are the one who cares for utmost security even for a simple thing, then this will be the best application that you can rely on.
To be more precise on this fact, the servers used by Redchery are home-based.

Will this Red Chery application with push e-mail option gonna pull down the gaint BlackBerry.Lets wait and watch ..... Even if the Chery doesnt keep a fullstop to Berry, surely it will be the most usefull mobile application ,bcoz a change in the technology will not be an end to other technologies,rather we can say this as a start of new era in this fast changing world.

It will be very apt if I conclude stating 'CHANGE is d only word that does not change in this world' and lets hope for better changes in other technologies too...
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