05 July, 2009

PageRanking ... The word that has everything in it.

PageRank, the word which sounds very odd and new for an amatuer like me is the most powerful word in the world of blogging.As I started to post my feelings at first, I just wanted to pen down the expressions and thoughts that comes to my mind .I thought that it could just improve my communication and the way of writing, expressing thoughts and to bring out the hidden writer in me through this blog, but later got to know that there can be some revenue flow because of my web page and this could do even more for me.One day I could even gain riches because of my own web page.

To focus more on the post topic,I can say that, this is the first and foremost thing which a blogger should know. As I started my research on this, I came to know a lot about the PageRank and the importance of the same. PageRank also referred as PR is nothing but a numeric value that simply denotes the importance of a page in the web.The above statement seems to look simple but its very difficult to get that numeric value.This numeric value is given by Google for a page and it has its own way of calculating the same.For a blog or for a website to be listed in the most renowned Google search engine, this simple word matters a lot.

To get to know more about the topic and how it is calculated,just click on this PageRank link which could explain you more in detail. You can even use the below free tool to check the PageRank of ur web page.

Check Page Rank of any web site pages instantly:

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