31 July, 2009

Geo-social networking - The next level of social networking !!

The next that follows the social networking is the Geosocial networking, which paves the way of getting connected to friends and follow them wherever they go. Yes, with Google Latitude, you can easily track your friends movements in the city in no time.I dint mean that this is for spying, but it can be used for that too.you can track your lost mobile also with the help of Latitude unless and until the mobile it is turned off by the person who finds it.
I can even mention about whrrl which is supported by my iPhone with built in GPS helped me out to get back my lost sister who just went somewhere on her own way driving her lady bird cycle while getting back home from her evening coaching class.

If you think that you will tracked by some one with Latitude to whom you are lying, there are some loop holes for that too , you can manually set the location of your choice.Rather I can say it a privacy setting, You can control the users or followers who can track you or watch your steps and you can even hide your location.Even photos and videos can be uploaded using Bliin, another application that needs an in-built GPS device in your mobile phone.

All that u need to have is a GPS enabled mobile phone to use this networking technology and if this field undergoes such a rapid development, the whole world can be viewed as a bird's nest which will be too small to find out anyhting.

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