26 July, 2009

Nikon Coolpix S51c - Just a click is all enough...

Nikon S51c,the sleek, elegant silver coloured 8.1 megapixel camera could do everything for you in just a click.With a 3 inch LCD and a dimension of 3.8 x 2.3 inches ,S51c can easily fit into ones pocket since the thickness is also 0.8 inches and there is no need of any description or a comparison of Nikon's image clarity.Since S51c has internal zooming, the front side of the camera looks simple with just its compact lens, a tiny illuminator and a flash light by its side.

With all these if you have taken some 100 snaps in a trip to Disney Land, you dont need to go home, connect your camera to the computer with a I/O cable, save the photos, upload them and share with ur friends,instead you can do all these in just a moment from the camera itself. Yes !!! Nikon has overcome the long process of sharing happiness with this coolpix S51c as there exists an onboard WiFi in it.So with this digital camera which supports wireless communication you can perform two kind of actions, one is Picture Mail with which you can select the photos and upload them to your 'my Picturetown' account from the camera itself and you share with your family and friends by sending the email notifications automatically.The next is that you can save the photos in the Picture Bank which is nothing but an image server in your 'my Picturetown' account which has a free storage memory of 2GB for each account.You then download and save them in your personal computer or just view them.

To use this feature you need a wireless LAN in your house or if you are in public WiFi space, T-Mobile WiFi spots support this feature.You can setup the network profile, configure the e-mails from the camera's rotatory multi selector itself.There are also lot more features in this Nikon's product such as automatic Red-Eye Fix, D-Lighting, and Face Priority.What happens with D-Lighting is that the camera software creates a copy of a picture with enhanced brightness and contrast where it tries to boost dark and underexposed areas.

Another commendable feature of S51C is the "Pictmotion" which lets you create a slideshow with the custom transitions and a background music.You have a got 5 in-built music tracks to add to the background score or u can have upto 10 user defined music.The latest 30 snaps will be selected for this pictmotion and you can even change them.So with just few clicks of the rotary multi select dial, the VGA- resolution movie with a music will be ready.

So with this trademark product by Nikon I can forecast that all the digital camera will have a default WiFi feature in few years down the line.

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