19 July, 2009

06 th July 2009 - The Day of Uncertainty -- Part II

If u had not read Part I, plz do read it because you could not understand the situation that I had faced on that black day...

By the time I got the call to my mobile I had opened the mail .Without even saying a Hello,he asked me
He : What was written in the mail and what was that you had developed?
Me: ????????????

I couldn't answer this question because I was unknown of the mistake that I have done and he asked me look at a word which was written in some corner of the mail and on seeing that only I could confirm that I had not made a mistake but a blunder and to regret on the same I need to do lot of changes and it will be like re-doing the whole task. He was telling me that I ignored the mail totally and developed the task on my own assumption because of which it is hitting in all the other integrated systems. I told him that I dint assume anything and I even had a client discussion on the task to be developed.He then asked me "why it is not developed in that way then?".
I actually dint give importance to that word in the mail and to be frank I don't know the meaning of that word mentioned and I couldn't defend me at that time and I felt sorry for the mistake that I had commited.He then told me do the changes immediately and send it across over the mail in a notepad.

By the time I hung the phone, everybody came back form break and on seeing my face, they came to know that something had happened and asked me what had happened.On explaining them the whole hungama that happened to me, they couldn't talk anything other than giving solution to the problem.I was in total confused state and it was my friend who sat with me and analysed the problem and he told me what to do and how to do.Even after the clear instructions given by him , I was unable to develop at that time because of the stress I have undergone and I couldn't come out of it.He then wrote the piece of code and told me to test and while testing it we again got a call and by then it was 7:00 PM when myself and my friend was only there in the whole floor.It was the him who raised my stress level over the phone and this time he wanted to ask about the defect which he gave during lunch time and he wanted a hotfix immediately for it. I could hardly complete that defect and he just asked me "How much time you are taking for this issue. will this take just 10 mins to complete?"
I just answered him that , I will complete and will send it in 10 mins.I was disturbed a lot on hearing those words, and if it takes just 10 mins to complete why don't he do that, was the question that was running in my mind but I consoled myself by saying that I am being paid for it.I had drafted the mail and attached the fix in a notepad and while I was about to send I got a call again and this time he told that
" you dont need to do any change for the previous month's task because I convinced the client people make changes in the other system ,so you just send me the defect thats enough ."
I was dumbstruck on hearing this and doesn't know how to react to it. I was just thinking of the last two hour's pressure that I faced and the work done by me will go waste and I told him that I had already made the changes and sent the mail to you and I told my friend to click on send button in my mailbox.

But I got a reply stating, Ok no problem I will ignore that mail but u send me that defect in a separate mail. I was just doing that as per his words and left office at 8.00 PM. I couldn't drive my bike back home,I was so disturbed and the last 4 hours was like a misadventure for me. The task was developed by me only but there were also other people who were involved in the discussion and the design and review was also done by my superiors. But there is no point in blaming others for the mistake that I had done and I learnt a lesson that each and every word that is mentioned in the SRS or the communication mails are important.

I could compare this with that of a tight cricket match where all the pressure will be on the bowler who is bowling the last over and he will be the highlight of the whole match. The mistakes that were done till that point in the match like bad fielding or improper bowling by other bowlers will be ignored ,finally I could say that it all depends on the day and 06.07.09 was not a good day for me but it made me learn more about work and people .

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