28 August, 2009

Candle making - Reason to Rejoice b/w the siblings

Aishwarya (a) Aishu my cute lil sister,my only sibling whom I consider as my mother's best gift to me in my life time.Being 10 yrs younger than me,pursuing higher secondary education,she very well know how to pester me and get things done from me and I too dont mind doing anything for her.she is like my kid and I use to take all privilege on her but even then we use to fight a lot and it will end up nowhere, sometimes we use to talk the very next moment.I use to have so much fun by teasing her always and she has got used to it.I can say that my sister is sharp in reading my movements or the things that I am doing. I can very well escape from my mom after doing some mistake but not from my sisters eyes.She will be the first to tell the names of the person(that too loudly in front of my mom :P ) to whom I was talking over the phone on just seeing the way I am talking and she knows all my friends name too.One who have siblings,mainly sisters can know better about their sharpness(especially in the above quoted example) and about sibling rivalry too that happens so often.I could say that, this could even more help in understanding your sibling better.

But this time it was more than two weeks I spoke to my sister, its all because of small quarrel which started off for a silly reason,a TV program but ended up like a wrestling match, my mom being the referee between us ;o) lol....
After that if she see's me, I struggle to control my laughter as she used to show some kind of girly facial expressions that usually the girls of that age show and I wanted to talk to her but something stopped me to do so.The same continued for more than two weeks and it came to an end today when I helped her to complete her candle making task given by her Art and crafts teacher.

Actually, it was me who voluntarily involved myself in this candle making because I wanted to talk to her by some way and this paved me a way for that. I also like to do these kind of artistic works and after seeing me she had a charming smile in her face and started explaining me on how to do it.

I know that you all like the way the candle is painted, yes its all because of the paint, the candles are looking good and believe my words, it was me who coloured three candles out of the five. I actually did this to soothen my sister and I also like colouring from my childhood and have done lot of such things in my school days. This task is very easy and interesting which requires these simple steps to be followed as taught by my sister,

1. Take a hand full of paraffin wax crystals.

2. Place it in a hard bowl and heat it until it melts completely.

3. By the time it melts, brush the mould with oil. (Moulds can be even small containers that are even in its shape)

4. place a wick into the candle mould and pour the melted wax into the mould completely.

5. Allow it to cool and gently tap at the end of the mould to get the candles.

Tips : Coloured candles can be made by adding color crayons while melting the wax or even adding colouring agents.

It took around 3 hours for us to complete the whole task and we had a nice experience in candle making which brought back rejoice in me and my sister. My mom also got so much involved and interested on the same and she had planned to get more moulds so that we can use these for decorating purposes too.


  1. Dude.. It luks gr8..amazing work, but in no hell I can believe that u had ur hands on it. I knew hw the engineering drawing classes went for us and besides knowin that no dog wud believe if u say u were one of the artists made this. Anyways gr8 work done by ur sis and gud work on u for helping her (un TL ku molagapody kudutha maathri)!!!!

  2. hey cheenu!!!! how did u get into ma blog da ..
    nice 2 c ur comments suddenly da .. thnx buddy. namma eng ku onna senthu padichey naatkaley maraka mudiyuma :)

    anyways micha kathaiye ilam nee padikale nu ninaikarean.. padichu comment panu da :P