17 August, 2009

Good choice of Blog Templates

I strongly believe in the quote "There is always someone who can benefit from knowledge/things you are willing to share"and if some tips is just given wihtout a way to use it, then it wil be of less use.So with respect to my previous post on Blog templates, I share some of the good sites which I came across while I explored the web to get a good one for my weblog.
Here are some links that provides free blogspot templates.Just find the one that suits your blog and override the existing blogspot template.

Best Blogger Templates -- Recommended

Blogger Templates





PS: “As a general rule, the most successful man in life is the man who has the best information.”
you can even share ur templates if any..


  1. I love the neatness presented in your blog template. Is that you developed by your own?

    Keep up!

    Neeraj Shinde

  2. hey too gud a blog.. to be honest I was in search for such a blog,where I could find some nice templates 4 mine!!
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    Blog Name: Welcome to my world -Benny... thx bro

  3. What a wonderful quote!

    In keeping up with your noble thought, let me add a couple I like -
    Deluxe templates.
    Pyzam has some good backgrounds too.. Only there is always the chance that you will be too tired before you find the right one - huge collection.
    and this cool post by blogger's own blog has a good collection of sites. Take a peek.