12 August, 2009

Blog Template -- An important ingredient !!!

The first and foremost thing that attracts the blog visitors is its look and feel which is nothing but the blog template . If the blog is simple and neat it could easily attract more readers . I dont mean that the content is not important, rather if the template is neat and clean, it can easily attract more people even if the content is less. It is just like getting more marks with a very neat presentation and less content in a board exam which conducted in TamilNadu. The above statement may sound silly but there lies the truth.The famous quote Appearances Are Deceptive will go wrong when it comes to blogs and websites because appearances play a major role here.Simple things to be avoided while building a template,

1.Dark backgrounds with white/light color fonts.(This will strain the eyes and so the readers may not proceed even if the content deserves it)
2.Flashy ads in between posts.(even if it adds some penny to ur pocket, this will be disturbing)
3.Too much of HTML or Javascript (this will definitely take time to load the page)
4.Unwanted widgets(Definitely there should be some widgets like About me,Categories,Archieve etc. but not too much)

So just keep in mind that the blog template is the important ingredient for a blog and if it is not in the correct level it may even spoil the whole blog.

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