30 August, 2009

And today she got married...

I feel pity for the guy who is going to suffer for the rest of his life after losing his bachelorhood today. If he has not enjoyed his LIFE while being single, then he could definitely not know the meaning of happiness in his Life. What else I can say or feel for the guy who has taken a decision that makes him regret till his end.

Even if I pass such sarcastic comments I have a small feeling for myself that I have missed a beautiful girl in my Life.She was one of the good looking girls in my college and was top on the list.I would say that God was in his best mood when he created her :D,you should have known by this time that I had crush on her on seeing the way I described her.Yes, offcourse she was my first crush during college days and I started to look at her from my first semester itself but I didn’t tell this to my friends also. We belong to same department, Electronics and communication Engineering and We were also from the same location and had to travel in the same college bus daily.

She boards the bus at the last stop while going to college and hence disembarks first while returning home and I usually adore her during this one hour journey to/fro our college.It all came to light one day during the second year,it was a dry day as usual in the college and I was eagerly waiting for the hour hand of my watch to struck 4:00 PM so that I get a chance to see her in the bus while going back home and rejuvenate myself for 1 hour while the other guys will be busy sleeping.She was looking too good in her white salwar and I really thank the designer for making such a design which portrayed her like an angel.Daily when she gets ready to disembark the bus, I feel like the time is running so fast and shouldn't I have the power to pause the time, so that I can adore her for hours together.

And today before her stop came I stood up quickly and went to the rear entrance of the bus to see her. At the back of my mind, I was calculating the number of hours I had to wait to see her again the next day morning in the bus :P .I lost myself while admiring her because of which I failed to notice the guys who were awake. The move made by me from the fourth seat of the bus to the rear entrance was noted by every other guy in the bus.As I was seeing her getting down the bus through the front entrance, suddenly I heard a loud chorus sound from the guys out there and immediately I came back and sat.But she got a small smile on her face on seeing which I became very happy.

From the next day,the guys use to yell my name when she leaves the bus and this continued almost daily,but I couldn't see any kind of reaction on her face.I was doing lot of li'l things to impress her during the travel but some guys will pass comments and spoil the scene.I also had lot of competition in the game (after all LIFE is a Game), yeah some guys also had guts to propose her and they got disqualified (rejected by her ;P )

I came to know about her arrogance through some of the common friends but I thought I could change her if I start talking to her.But at one side I couldn't even stop the guys who were constantly making fun of us as I use to tease them a lot when they talk to other girls.In the meantime I also had some motivation towards my studies and I was keen in pursuing my MBA . so I along with my friends joined coaching class for cracking CAT.The first induction class was about to start and we heard a breathless voice,

'Excuse me sir !! May I come in? '

the whole class turned towards the entrance which was at the back of the class, and to my surprise, it was she who was gasping for breath as she came running all over the corridor to reach the class on time. As she walked towards the first bench, all the guys out there stared at her and I was not an odd man out. But lot of things were running on my mind, I was questioning myself,the God and my friend who was sitting near me.

Has she joined in this class because I joined here?

-- No, came as an immediate reply from my friend.

if no, why should she come in the same batch for which I had come?

-- Maybe to see me ;P was his reply for which I laughed instantly.

Oh,God wat can I call this ? an accident ? a coincidence ?

-- If it is an accident, it is sure to take off my heart.I answered myself.

As days passed by I got chance to see her more number of times and the same has turned negative because when ever I see her, my friends use to tease(that too loudly) and she almost got irritated at one point of time.This created an aversion towards me and she started to tell everyone that I was behind her.

I usualy don't talk with girls in the college because of the ego that questions me, why should I go and talk? Why can't they come and talk?
This had also created a bad impression on me for which I dint even care and two years more had passed in the same way and it was time for us to attend 10 days employability camp at my college and we had to stay at the college hostel.She was also in the eligible students list and even though I felt happy, I was thinking how to avoid her so that I can atleast make her happy.Whilst I was thinking this way she just thought that I was a rougue and she had commented about me to her friends.

But, by one way or the other I should be thankfull to her because if she hadn't commented about me in that way I could not have cleared the interview to get into the Indian IT giant.Even at that time fate did not let me go alone,she also got placed in the same company and we had training at Trivandrum for 3 months during which I tried my best to avoid her.I started to mingle with everyone in order to forget her and atlast We were posted permanently in different locations and things started changing.

I really feel sad that I haven't spoke to her even once in my life time, If I had spoken to her atleast once,things could have been different.But there is no point to regret for the act today because by this time she would have lost her spinsterhood. She would have changed from Ms. to Mrs. and somebody who was not there in the race won the game and took home the beautiful trophy :(

After a long time, nearly 1.5 years it was today, her marriage day which made me to think of her again and I hope this should be the last time in my Life she comes to my mind.

And today, one of the player who got disqualified in the middle of the game is gonna take home some other trophy, yeah he is gonna get married with someother girl whom he has loved after college days.

I am sure that I am also going to take home a trophy one day in my LIFE which could be better in all aspects and LIFE moves on...

Moral of my memory : Beauty is not everything,just a depreciating asset and it is Character that contributes to beauty.


Life is crazy because

--> What you want,you don't get
--> What you get,you don't enjoy
--> What you enjoy is not permanent and
--> What you get as permanent is boring .

And "Everything in LIFE happens for a reason,but the hardest part is to find out the reason."


  1. Soooperrrr Blog....Kalakara pooo....Pesama ne oru Director ku try panala...Vinoth....

    Nice way of expressing your past time memory....But iruthalum....ne atleast oru time achu pesirkala...Miss panitiae da...Paravala vidu...Unoda trophy kedaiku...wait pannu...World Cup ah kuda irukala..So...be confident...

    Life is all about hope within us...


  2. Our Guys-'Muthu'Aug 31, 2009, 6:09:00 PM

    Its Nice to See Ur Feelings Disclosed by, after all being with you for 4 years as college life lively friend...:) How close may be, revealing truths comes oly in a certainity... ;)
    Before crossing over this post,i was hurt some way or other, but now its been wonder that i had one near me who had such a deep feel in his heart and it made me to comment forcefully on this...:)
    Our guys would have thought it as a Passing Cloud and made some of ur litl plans for her to go wrong, but we at this moment Respect your Feel my friend...:)
    Good way hereon for you capturing a 'Better'(may be a small word but sounds big) Trophy...

  3. @ Sakthi : thnx a lot dude!!! its was u who see my post first and leave a valuable comment on it and I dint't expect this time too....

    @Muthu: dai gr8 to see ur comment da Muthu :o) ... thnx for leaving such a nice comment da... dai ithu ilam unma naalum ingey nan konjum over ah express panitean nu ninaikarean ;D k anywayz u guys can knw me better la ...

  4. dudeeeee appadinu la confirm ah aaramika maaten.
    Macha itha padichiten comment pannanuma venama nu neeye solu:)

  5. But unnoda nermai enaku romba pudichiruku:)

  6. dai machi yenna da ithu kelvi... kudu da un comments ah... but paathu kudu da.. PUBLIC PUBLIC ;o) lol..

  7. Nice vino...Its really like a mini documentry film about love and life. Yaaralayum avanga life la mudhal kadhala maraka mudiyathu...but, Change is the only thing, that does not change in life...Hope you will get better one than this trophy. da...
    Good luck..


  8. Great documentary posted by Vinoth. Ivanukkullaiyum yetho irukuthu paaru da...I appreciate you..Unnoda intha approach kuda pidichirukku machi..

    Anyway nice to hear your feelings.Great Posting !!


  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. "But by one way or the other i shud be thankful to her bcoz if she hadnt commented abt me in that way, i cud not have cleared the interview to get into the IT giant"....wowwww..i am still wondering, when u started turning criticisms as an inspiring factor.........but for now let me call this as "The point of wonder"... :)

  11. Beauty, incidentally is not even an asset if you look at it closely... it does no good to the beholder (who expects the world to fall at their feet because of the beauty) or the admirer (who gets addicted). And beauty with brains is a total rarity ;)

    Destination Infinity

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  13. unakulla olinjitu irundha andha "idhayam murali" ah velila kondu vandhute machi :)
    n recent ah VTV parthen....avan avanuku life la andha madiriye nadakudhu..guys life la mandatory stages idhellam ;)n all the best for ur future trophy :)

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