12 August, 2009

This Day that Year -- 10th Aug 2008 :o)

Hey Guys this post is especially for you all(Mambalam Machos !!!) to remember the days that we spent at kodaikanal last year.Guys but before I start off I would like to tell u that tis is not an ordinary post and Kindly do not find faults in this post ;) and if u visualize when u read this post, I am sure that it can bring out a smile in ur face and our everlasting memories that can make u happy atleast for sometime in your day to day's tiresome job.

I suppose It was 3:00 PM (Madhu need ur help to remember the time... just query ur database and tell me)when we started from our usual hub(Gundo House)here at chennai.The evening started with the distribution of the world's No.1 perfume which was brought all the way from singapore to India by our Bharath.It was around 10:00 PM we all heard a shocking news, the news that shook everyone in our gang especially our gang Big B,the gangs well wisher ,Mr.periyamani(LK) ;o) lol ..except those two guys who were involved in the that.You all remember that flash news which I am trying to bring out ???Definitely this will be the first thing that will strike everyone's mind when we talk about this trip.

Yes it is all about our Bharath's luv story which was brought out to us by Mr.China Gundo(the gr8 stock holder.... ;o) I couldn't get a better name in english guys.. names are welcome in comments..)The moment Ananthu told the news, we all were shocked and were together seeing Bharath and even after sometime LK could not believe what was happening and he was dumbstruck for more than 5 mins...

It was 10:01 PM (Just now I verified the time by checking the details in the recorded version of Bharath's Luv story in ma mobile)he started to explain about a phone call that came from India just by-passing the trunk dialler.We all had a gr8 fun for more than 20 mins. It was only us who spoke a lot more than Bharath in the recording which I heard now.

oh wat a coincidence !!!!! now the time is 10:40 in my watch and by the same time only we heard another news that made us feel a lot. It is nothing but Anand's story whose luv has been unfornately accepted by both the parents and he was narrating how his 2008 LUV story was accepted by his parents (which is also recorded very clearly in my mobile)On hearing this, our well wisher was totally off and he was feeling that he had lost contact from everyone because of which his mantras were out of control and it was all in vain ;o).After hearing two consecutive sad news' everyone went for a sleep and Kishore do u remember the way we spoke with each others' _ _ _ _ _ _ _ "FRIENDS" over the phone at that time.Everyone thought that u were listening to songs but since I was sitting beside u I was aware of the fact u were blushing with ur "So called Friend"(supposed to be ur lady love by now) but even then I couldn't get the conversation that was going on with ur "so called Friend" since I was busy in my work ;o) lol ...(Athu yenaku oru azagiye kanaa kaalam)

I should definitely mention about our gangs silent escaper Sriraman here as he will be posting all the updates to his lady luv but will not be caught by us(romba thirama saali da nee). some guys were out of mood for some time as everybody was engaged in thier own work....Madhu I din't mean u here ;)

Then after a long wait in a petorl bunk somewhere near kodai we managed to fill our tempo's petrol tank and we then reached kodai.Guys u remember the what happened in the place where we waited so long for petrol. Bharath was eating everything that comes to his hand and he was telling the time gap between Singapore and India as a reason for that(apadiye 10 yrs singapore irunthutu vantha maari oru scene potan)

Day 1: After we reached kodai we had a nice sleep and in the evening we just went out somewhere and I couldn't remember the places that we visited during day 1.

Day 2: Chinna Gundo was not feeling well and he was alone in the guest house and he would have missed Vijay a lot (VIJIIIIIIII spoon kondu vaaaaa) The day's lunch was so special that we could definitely not forget our rasam lover Kausik who just drank every drop of Astoria rasam. The way in which he drank it was noted by everyone in the hotel and this was confirmed by the sarcastic comment passed by the server of the hotel(naangaley enga hotel rasathey sapida matom,pasicha pakathu hotel la poi sapiduvom, ivan yena da ipadi kudikaran ithey ;o) lol... )we also had some kind of adventure in some unknown places of kodai..

Day 3: We visited some more usual places where we tuk some unusual snaps, the ultimate one is attached below whereLK eats a small finger sized carrot....

This day was marked by the purchase that was did by Mr.Sriraman to his lady love. Definitely he would have been regretful for the choice of purchase he has made because of the comments we gave.we also watched the all time super hit film Vettaiyadu vilayadu in the tempo itself.After we reached our room,I was cornered by everyone and at the same time I got a call from my FRIEND. Hey Anand do u remember the comment u passed while I was talking over the phone and bcoz of the it I immediately heard a BEEP sound from the other end and the call ended abruptly :(
But I should be thankful to u man, because I could develop intimacy(FRIENDSHIP strong aachu) becoz of the small fight which we had at that time and I could reveal a truth atleast now that I was talkin over the phone at nyte 1:00 Pm when u all slept and I was at cloud nine(for getting such a gudFRIENDSHIP;o) lol)

Day 4: we went for the park and we did cycling for a log time and I cannot forget the feeling I had while cycling, I was just cycling with the help of one hand as I was very busy holding my mobile in the other hand.you all very well know to whom I was talking to.. and after a long gud conversation I had a fight for a silly reason on that evening too :( We went to a Dhaba for dinner where Kishore just to impress the lady server,show cased his talent by asking a masala papad with pickles which made the whole place fun filled.(dai machi ava yenna paathu siricha da .... dai ooorey sirichudu da machi !!!!)

Day 5: we purchased some chocolates and myself and kishore bought dresses for our sisters.I purchased a black tops for my SISTER (Nan vera yaarukum vangina maari yenaku nyabagamey ilaye) and we went for skating which was undoubtedly an unforgettable experience after which we started back to chennai.

SEPARATION is a wound that No one can Heal... But, REMEMBERANCE is a GIFT that No one can steal. Keep MeMories in touch :)

Guys I hope I had gifted u with our memories and was not boring you all with this post .I think u all were taken aback for atleast sometime and hope to see you all again this year also so that we can have some fun filled moments that will last as good memories in our life.

Anyways u all key in ur thoughts and feelings as comments here after reading this post..

PS:How it happened??
Actually myself,Madhu and Ananthu was talking about this in our hub(Ananthu's house only, wat else is a hub for us guys) and suddenly the idea of posting the same striked me and this is how it happened.


  1. Macha as u already specified, I was taken a back and was able to feel each and every second we had in kodai da..Mathavangaluku interesting ah iruko illayo but for the guys who enjoyed the trip last year tis blog will be an everlasting experience where we gone thro only smile fun and happiness. Hope this continues this year too:):):)

    Good job my dear friend..Expect a lot more from U:):)Nee sonna mathriye comment koduthuten da:)

    Seri athellam iruakttum athu enna Enaku mattum 'So called Friend' uanku vanthu FRIENDSHIP ah konnuduven

  2. macha thanks for writing such a blog da ... tears filled my eyes when I read the post da .. I could remember each and every moment we spent there .. You forgot about the baricham lake incidents ... Sweet memories is the secret book in the library of hearts and I found it through your blog !!! ...